What We Do

Alt Richmond offers software solutions focused on multimedia applications (2D/3D graphics, video and audio) and middleware system software for mobile, consumer and embedded devices.


We continue to license the SciTech Software SNAP device drivers and offer software development kits with a modular driver architecture that enable hardware acceleration on 2D Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) in a very short timeframe. These kits include a shell driver that interfaces with OS and applications and a core driver that interfaces to the supported GPUs. This modular combination simplifies the driver implementation process and allows quick support for a variety of new and legacy GPUs.

Development Services

We are provide software development, bringing innovative, multimedia capabilities to mobile, consumer and embedded devices like smartphones and tablets. In fact, we believe that tablets are one of the most disruptive products in decades and ARI focuses on helping customers bring their apps to life on these types of devices.

Our background is in system level and graphics software development and our team consists of programers who have a wide range of experience in developing and optimizing multimedia graphics applications and technologies. As system level developers, we understand the unique challenges of lower-power and embedded systems, as well as getting the most out of graohics on a CPU and GPU.

We have a strong network in the Toronto community making it easy to compliment our team with highly skilled animators, graphics designers, UI/UX designers, and web developers.

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